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Pinkiss Korea was established in 2002 as a manufacturer of false eyelashes and During 10 years, we have been manufacturing and exporting various eyelashes products. with high quality and reasonable prices to Japan, Eureope, U.S.A, Russia, Africa, Middle East and etc. We sure that we can meet customers' requirements with our long, high qualified experience and technology. In a very competetive bueaty industry, even though most of clients require the highest service, best quality and fastest delivery, we're well prepared to meet these requirements and do our best to provide our clients with good service. Please come on in and evaluate all kinds of eyelashes and do not hesitate to contact us.
* Eyelashes Extension Lash Individual Lash Mellow Lash Carnival Lash Make-Up Lash * Eyelash Adhesive * Eyelash Remover * Eyelash Conditioner * Eyelash Care Products * Eyelash Tools * Eyelashes Perming * Tweezers * Glitter Tattoo Kit * Make-Up Box * O.E.M
업체명 핑키스코리아   대표자 이동근
전화번호 82 2 539 9898 팩스번호 82 2 6084 9880
주소 ( 06141 ) 서울특별시 강남구 논현로94길 28  두리빌딩 3층 (역삼동)
홈페이지 www.pinkisskorea.com
업종 무역 설립년도 2010
지역 서울시 종업원수 12명
매출액 800 백만원 수출액 200000 천$
카테고리 가슴 마스크
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