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제품명: Strut Spring Compressor (Spring Compressor)
SK2000 & SK3000 are the best strut spring compressor in the market right now. It is faster, easier, and safer than any other spring compressor. It only takes couple minutes to change struts or springs.

Charateristics of the product:
?The components of the product have been specially selected to ensure a lifetime of trouble free operation.
?The product is able to compress and detach all kinds of shock absorber(indluding the shape like the ear) very easily and perfectly.
?previously 2 people were required to removed the spring, however with our compressor, one man can operate the spring work easily, quickly, and safely.
?It can be compressed either upright or upside down and has adjustable arms. It works on most passenger vehicles springs.
?The time taken to complete the repair is greatly reduced, there by maximizing profits for your business.

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