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제품명: Transmission Jack (heavy duty jack)
SK7500 is the fast and efficient hydraulic transmission and engine cross memberjack. It comes with two interchangeable head for transmission and engine cross member. Lifting speed is up to 10 times faster than most previous jacks in its category with a low work height of 17 inches off the ground.

Characteristics of product:
?The ratchet system prevents accidental falls.
?The X-beam and the four axis system stabilizes work loads at any height.
?The Two Cylinder System Extends Equipment life, and Prevents oil leakage.

SK7500 Specifications:
?Height : 17 inch(Min) - 68 inch(Max)
?Capacity : 1650 lbs / 750 kg
?Size : 27 x 34 x 18
?Working Range : 51 inch / 1300 mm
?10 Sec
?Operating Method : Hydraulic
?Weight : 194 lbs / 88kg

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