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제품명: Tok Stick (homecare MTS)
‘Tok Stick’, the main item of BEU ON, is a skin-stimulator for self-care that affects the inner skin to be reproduced without harming the outer skin, using micro-needles which are thinner than 1/3 thickness of hair, and improves overall skin condition by inducing the absorb of drugs or solutions.
As a self skin care device, it is really easy to use alone at home, not requiring any helps from medical experts or others.
It is based on MTS(Microneedle Therapy System), but there is a big difference with roller-type one, that is, possibility of self-care without supports from others. In case of roller-type products, It is necessary to use with someone’s assistance in the supine position spending the long duration and time, on the other hand, Tok Stick can be used when sitting, standing up, walking and even watching TV as talking.
Meanwhile, the competitive product is also possible to be self-used by users alone, but it is able to see the competitive and differentiated factors for Tok Stick, as shown in below.

1. The number of needles
(49 needles VS 20 needles)

2. Thinkness of needles
(34G, 0.18mm VS 31G, 0.25mm)

3. Way of drugs-delivery
(Multiple release system VS Central release system)

4. Prevention from Bendness & damages
(more powerful VS bendy)

5. Better design
(Elegant design with portability VS medical-associated design)

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