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제품명: Anion Shower Head (Anion Shower Head)
Mist Spray
By spraying water soft like mist. It helps to replenishes moisture
deeply in skin’s inner layer and keep skin moisturized

SPA Water Cutting Edge Technology Having High Performance
- Magnetic Ion Shower Head
- Increase in Water Pressure making Water Flow strong and soft
- Water Saving
- No Extra Cost and No Additional Work on Changing Filter
- Good for Baby, Dry and Sensitive Skin
- No Skin Trouble and No Hair Damage

Easy Installation
Simply Changing Shower Head

제품 카테고리
욕실 세트 및 액세서리
300원/ 개
업체명 비앤지테크   대표자 이병남
전화번호 82-2-831-0984 팩스번호 82-2-831-0985
주소 ( 156759 ) 서울특별시 동작구 신대방동 신대방1가길 38 [동작상떼빌아파트] 105-101
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