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제품명: Bullsone_BalanceOn Seat (Pleasant Sitting)
Pleasant Sitting for long time!

BalnceOn Seat contains material named ''''''''Vetagel™'''''''' which is our world patented.

-Helps maintain correct sitting posture
-Comfortable Sitting : Reducing pressure on the skin and blood vessel
-Keeping cool : Each Air-cell of Vetagel™ expells air and absorbs fresh air
-Vetagel™ is skin safe and easy to wash only by water.
-Non-Slippery : NST-1000+ technology is applied on the bottom side of cover.

[BalanceOn Series- product list]
1. BalanceOn Seat Large size - Gray
2. BalanceOn Seat Medium size - Gray, Green, Orange
3. BalanceOn Seat Portable - Gray
4. BalanceOn Lumbar Seat
5. BalanceOn Pelvis Seat
6. BalanceOn Pillow
7. BalanceOn Air-Cell Pillow

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