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제품명: Bullsone_RainOK_Speed Spray (MustHave in the Rain)
RainOk Speed Spray is a ‘must have item’ in the rainy day.
When it rains (pours) and even wiper is out of control, driver is able to have clear view while driving without any help from expert.

Fine Rain-Repellent layer is created just only after 3 seconds from spraying this product onto windshield which ensures enhanced visibility in the rainy day.
Thanks to this coating layer, raindrops fly off the windshield and allow driver to have clear view when you drive at a speed over 60km/h.

Not only in rainy day but also in normal day, driver can have clear view by spraying onto windshield, side mirror and back window. This coating layer lasts up to 2 weeks.

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