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제품명: 눈꽃빙수기계 빙스빙스 ''MINI-i(미니아이)'' (액체를 급속냉각하여 흰눈이 펑펑!!)
Well known Ice flake machine Bing''s Bing''s Mini-i is No.1 export sales product.

Aprooved CE(Europe), PSE(Japan) Certification.
Export to over 20 countires with resonable price.

It realized the optimized quality of ice by the optimized freezing point minus 30degree which can freeze very quickly milk, juice and beer etc.
As it consists of fine particles, it maintains the same quality of ice for a long time, fresh feeling melting down as soon as you put in your mouth.
Product name : Table type ice flake machine ''Bing''s Bing''s Mini-i''
Model Name : CKB-156MW
Product size : 400 x 540 x 540 mm
Packing size : 510 x 660 x 740 mm
Maximum ice making capacity : 250kg/day
Net Weight : 60kg
Gross wieht : 71kg with pallet
Rated voltage : AC220V / 50, 60Hz
Power Consumption : 1,300W
Refrigerant : R-404a
Condenser : Water cooling type
Material : POSCO Stainless Steel 304-2B
Compressor : Cubigel
Certification : CE / PSE / KC
1 year warranty
Global shipping, T/T in advanced

LCL is possible, but we provide benefit of you purchase 20ft(33ea) or 40ft(66ea) container.

제품 카테고리
음료 가공 기계
기술 및 인증
T/T in advanced
1 Year
South Korea
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