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제품명: BingsBings Mini-S JSB-257W (액체를 급속냉각하여 흰눈이 펑펑!!)
Product Name : Bing’s Bing’s Mini-S
Model No : JSB-257W
Size : 340(W) x 530(D) x 500(H)mm
Weight : 50kg
Compressor : 7/8hp, Made in Spain
Maximum Ice Making Capacity : 250kg/day
Refrigerant : R-404a
Power Consumption : 1,300W ±10%
Condenser : Water cooling type

Smaller, But Stronger!

- Down! The ultra-small size, UP! Snow making capacity up to 250kg per day
- Don’t worry about a narrow space

Check it by yourself!
- View inlet water temperature and water quantity on display in real time
and check how it works

Advanced technologies! Add high performance to the machine!
- The machine stops itself to protect its major parts when water is not supplied
- Speed cleaning - Perfect solution of bacteria and hygiene problem
Removable stainless steel water tray. One-touch detachable design
- Minimizing ingredients loss & cost saving by upgraded water tray design
- Long-term stable ice flake production with 7/8hp powerful compressor

Dry snow! Won’t melt easily!
- Realization of optimal ice flake quality with minimized moisture content
by the rapid freezing technology of -35℃
- The endless change of Bingsu – 100% fresh ingredients such as milk,
juice, beer and wine etc.

Incomparable degree of completion!
- Simple and elegant design
- Applied the insert connecting method which fix a blade of knife from machine
inside firmly. A solid connecting of a blade of knife is the key element of ice quality
- Easy to use for everyone with 2 touch buttons considering user’s usage habits

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