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제품명: 코레카(corecar) (층간 소음이 걱정없는 승용완구 코레카)
코레카는 실내에서 놀이가 점점 늘어나는 유아생활 환경을 고려한 디자인으로 제작되었습니다. 일반적인 승용완구는 실내놀이 시 소음이 발생하여 사회적인 문제가 되기도 합니다. 이에 코레카는 독일에서 특수 설계된 바퀴를 사용하여 소음을 최소화 했습니다.

제품 카테고리
차를 타고
Corecart Features 1.Silent CORECAR is designed considering children’s living environment where indoor play is continuously growing. General riding car cause the problem with noisy when it is playing. So CORECAR has minimized noise by using special wheels which is made in Germany. With Silent CORECAR, your kids can ride CORECAR freely without worrying noise. The common riding toys tend to generate noise when children play indoor leading to a social problem. Thus, CORECAR has minimized the noise by using special wheels made in Germany. 2. Safe CORECAR is a new concept of 5-wheel riding toy that added safety wheels on the rear axle. To prevent the danger of children falling down or backwards, while riding the cars, CORECAR added wheels in the front axle that can help with children’s balance. The streamlined shape structure of the toy protects children’s bodies in addition to the rounded edges and unexposed wheels safeguards children’s feet. CORECAR also has designed the flank slim, so the kids can have their feet up adding the comfortability. 3.Soft Wheels CORECAR is built with specially designed wheels that do not leave any scratch on the floor during indoor play. The wheels are made with firm but soft rubber that minimizes scratch with exceptional shock absorption that provides children with comfortable ride with reinforced stability. In addition, the front wheels are 360˚ direction free, so the children can turn directions freely in small space. 4.Strong CORECAR is constructed with premium materials only for economic feasibility and children’s safety. As the toys were made for kids’ indoor play, the toy is absolutely light. Nonetheless, it is so sturdy that can endure up to 100kg and does not easily wear out from frequent frictions. 5.Simple CORECAR has an advantage in space application as it can pile one above another. As there is no problem stacking up the toys like a tower, they are ideal for keeping even in the small space. Also, putting the handles into the toy is not complicated and does not require additional step. As soon as you put the handles in, your children will be ready to play and enjoy CORECAR.
기술 및 인증
us$ 30
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