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제품명: Foldable massage chair-bed (one touch foldup out)
[0001] The present invention relates to a folding chair massage bed folding structure, and more particularly, relates the massage chair is converted to bed and use folding structure and the support bracket and knee massage chair folding frame folding massage chair bed structure.

Background technique

[0002] folding chair massage chair existing structures are tummy to use, and therefore the need for additional beds to massage meridian massage at the lumbar spine or hip coccyx. After cervical neck massage and other thoracic sites on the chair converted into bed and massage the lumbar spine and hip parts of the structure of the coccyx massage chair has not yet inventions.

[0003] In the past, conventional folding massage chair knee frame is simply resting place with only knee knee frame function, so the need for additional wires or support structure, while at the fold can not be completely folded when unrolling inadequate processes and a sense of stability.

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Pat CN 102843932 ; Folding massage chair bed
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