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제품명: ACQUASSIMO (BABY 500) (살균 100% 인체무해 세정제)
ACQUASSIMO is an outstanding product to sterilize and deodorize by killing almost all bacteria.
This product is used for general
It can be used to conveniently keep us clean in our daily lives. It can be used easily to you for sterilization and deodorization by just spraying. during trip, in hospital and car, to interior stuffs and air, and for cooking utensil. wherever and whenever you can prepare for your hygiene.

Take attention!
Contrary to other common products, It has no 7 things.
NO Eye irritation
NO Skin irritation
NO Alcohol
NO Colors
NO Spice
NO preservative
NO Sodium hypochloride
Because ACQUASSIMO is made up of food additives, It doesn''''t have any harmfulness to human including other organisms.
All the production facilities and technology are supplied from Japan and all the products are manufactured by 100% raw materials from Korean. It is approved on safety and sold as a brand, AQUAINT in worldwide. AQUAINT acquired safety certification from SGS which is a world-class safety certification institute
So, Don''''t be worried that you may have some side effects.
You must be without any danger.
With just one ACQUASSIMO, Protect yourself from bacteria and viruses by spraying it to you.

Here you are, our product video.

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