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제품명: Air born 4.0 - Car Type (이온을 발생시키는 소형 공기청정기)
Air born is a plasma ion generator designed by applying ‘Hades Module 3.0’ which has strong deodorization function that removes 100% of formaldehyde, benzene and toluene as well as removes 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungus in the air, while reducing ozone generator in an innovative way.

[Product feature]

01. Stylish Design
Sensational design inspired by Star Wars airship and yoga meditation, and maximized interior effect.

02. Enhanced Function
Increase ion reach distance and air cleaning ability by 30% compared to products of the same type.

03. Zero Maintenance Cost
There is no maintenance cost after purchase.

04. User Safety
Compared with existing corona discharge anion generators, the product generates extremely low amount of ozone, indicating the product is harmless to human body.
(0.002ppm/cc, below 1/15 of the allowable limit of ozone generation(0.03ppm/cc))
In 4-week inhalation toxicity test with rats, no toxin was detected.

05. The product supplies rich iron with 1.3m radius
Built-in fan motor cleans the air in a space with
an area 13 m2? and below.

06. Convenient Use
Users can operate it anytime and anywhere by connecting it to USB port and using touch on and off function.
The product can be operated with the second battery for mobile phone.
Users can change the color of cover.
Users can clean product very easily.

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