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제품명: GUBUNKI-90, high performance wave sorting machine (Wave sorting machine)
GUBUNKI-Series, high-speed wave sorting machine

The biggest features of our system are as below;
It can be bi-directionally diverted at various angles such as 30 to 40 degree.
In particular, we have also a product capable of 90 ° & 40 ° diverting (double chutes), which enables customer to reduce investment by applying a wave sorter to divert into four discharges. (Please see page 13 of our brochure) However, in this case, the processing performance could be about 5,000 per hour based on 300 mm length.
A wave sorter capable of diverting 90 degree bi-directionally eliminates the installation of a belt conveyor between the sorters, and can also be designed with a gravity-type non-driven roller chute without any triangular roller conveyor.

Parcel sorting machine is capable of handling up to 7,000 pph per hour
(based on 300mm length) per line

Loading size: product dimension of the package that can be processed
Max. 1200mmL x 800mmW x 800mmH, 40kg (biggest)
Min. 100 mm L x 100 mm W x 10 mm H, 200 g (smallest)

제품 카테고리
15000000원/ 세트
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