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Human Net Co., Ltd.
제품명: Telecom..Media..Intelligence..Digital,,Solution.. (Design)
Start up Oct.. 1986 ID Image Company..

Aug 1994.. Human Net Co., Ltd. open 2nd Company..
Advertising Agency. Event.. Wholesale.. Hi-Tech Factory,,
Digital Product Made in Company..

2003 HN Solution Company..
GIS,,Big data,, Healthcare.. e-learning.. Digital Campus EDU..

2010,, VR..Stream Studio.. Digital Contents.. 4K Display product..

2017.. USA NYC Global Broadcasting Planning..
USA Digital Display Networks.. State to Digital Consulting..

제품 카테고리
업체명 Human Net Co., Ltd.   대표자 Sunny RYU
전화번호 +82-10-7277-9801 팩스번호
주소 ( 05364 ) Seoul Korea.. Paris France.. New York USA.. 
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