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제품명: Linkon Sludge Collector (Sludge collector)
The non-metallic sludge collector of Linkon is an environment-friendly product that has been spotlighted throughout the world.
It is a PINTLE type chain, a globally characteristic model. This product is made of an engineering plastic with more than 90% thermal plasticity, not causing secondary environment pollution even after the economic life expectancy.
More, it was designed according to the international standards (ASME) so to be compatible with other overseas products.
A new technology determines axial diameter with an adaptor, distinguished from the monolithic sprocket and boss, so spare parts can be provided in days. The chain and sprocket satisfied the life and load tests with 100,000 cycles to ensure their durability and safety, and the best performance of those parts are assured in any field condition.

제품 카테고리
- Designed and fabricated according to ANSI standard. - Green materials are selected. - No so many spare parts stocked required. - No effected by each chain type
기술 및 인증
Patent - Utility Patent ? 5 items - Design Patent ? 7 items - Including Sprocket of Chain flight type sludge collector suitable for settling pond for sewage treatment (Registration number : 10-0714061)
Made in KOREA.
업체명 (주)링콘테크놀로지   대표자 Oh Jin Hwan
전화번호 82-70-8633~2892~6 팩스번호 82-70-8299-1527
주소 ( 462-462 ) 303ho Nexdong, SKn-technopark, 190-1, SangdaewonDong,JoongwonGu, Sungnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 
홈페이지 www.linkon.cc
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