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제품명: BCA-9304(200kg), BCA-9300(20kg), BCA-9302(500gm) (BioCleanAct™)
Approval Korea FDA
Brand Name : BioCleanAct™
Product Code Number : BCA-9300, BCA-9302, BCA-9304
BioCleanAct™ Natural disinfectant Low alcohol type disinfectant (Containing 10% of grain-fermented alcohol) is used for food processing facilities, Cooking utensils, food package and hospital, salutarium, hotel, airplane, carpet in public place, etc.
Approved as a sterilization, disinfection by Korea FDA.
BioCleanAct™ of the low-alcohol type(fermented ethyl alcohol).
Safety : Non-toxic to the human body by using natural anti-microbial materials.
Disinfection Power : Maintain the sanitary environment by killing quickly various fungi and food poisoning bacteria such as E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella etc.
Sustaining Power : Use natural anti-microbial raw materials having excellent anti-microbial sustaining power.
Disinfectant for the Food processing facilities, cooking utensils, hotel, airplane, cafeteria etc needed sanitation.
Usage method
No need to dilute.
Deep or spray on the spot where you want to use.
No need to rinse after use. (No rinse product)
Appearance : Clear Liquid with no color
Density : 0.98±0.01
pH : 4~7 (UNIV pH paper 1~11)
Ingredient : Alcohol fermented from corn, MSK-NE150, ε-polyricin, Extract from graph fruit seed, Distilled water etc.
Technology certificates (R&D record/certificates)
Certification(Anti-bacterial test, anti-fungal test, heavy metal test, Anti-virus test)

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