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제품명: EXPANDED MEATL XS-42 / SS-242 (expandedmetal 철판망 철망)
Expanded metal: XS-42 / SS-242
22(SWD) * 50.8(LWD) * 2.3(T) * 2.5(W)

the meterials : stainless steel plate , aluminium plate,common carbon plate ,brass plate ,nickle plate,titanium plate ,iron plate ,Al-Mg alloy plate

Producing method: made of metal plate by punching and pulling

Usage : Safety guard for industrial facilities, wall for separation, wind break, belt cover, engine cover, internal or external decoration, waste box,display shelf, cover for windows, safety guards for machinery, used in filter elements, medicine, paper-making, filtering, breeding, wire mesh for battery, wire mesh for satelite aerial, machina protecting , handcraft making and window screen substitute. etc.

•Extremely beautiful and decorative surface.
•Strong and high resistance for corrosion, easy assembly.
•Good ventilation and projection.

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